What's next?

Hi friend!

We have restocked!! I know it has taken a while but it's finally here. All sizes, all styles! I have made one change, and that's to the material used. The main reason was, most customers preferred the feel of the khaki staple tights over the black, so we have changed all material to match this. 

They are still all sustainable - that has not and will not change!

Wondering what next is coming to Stranded? I'll give you some hints. You're going to love it (trust me!)

Our next collection features two pairs of shorts, two tops/tanks and one crop. I designed this next range with a pop of colour in mind, comfort and to go with the first collection (if you choose!)

I'll be releasing the colours in the next few weeks, along with designs, the fit, all the dets - so stay tuned.

For now, I can tell you that what is coming will fit in with your lifestyle. It is easy to wear and match. It is bold, breathable and comfortable.

Of course, it is made from post consumer recyclable materials, including all tags used and comes in biodegradable packaging. 

Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox, speak soon! 

Laura xx