What a year.

2020 will never be forgotten that's for sure.

Between lockdowns and the world falling apart, it has been hard to have a 'normal' year, and honestly, nothing went to plan this year.

I had wanted to launch another collection, but between COVID-19 shutting the world down, more than 2 million Australian's loosing their jobs, bush fires and then the rest, it just didn't happen.

And that's okay.

Personally, I feel like this year provided growth for all of us. We appreciate the little things more - catching up with friends and family, going shopping in person, wanting to support small businesses, etc. We want to help more, we're more considerate, sympathetic, perhaps even patient.

We've watched more on Netflix, streamed more and even gotten on board with David Attenborough's latest documentary. We want to be more sustainable and create a better earth for our future.

So, there is definitely some good that has come out of 2020.

For me, the year has still been busy, just in a different way.

I've spend the year doing all things that is renovating - and loving it. I have finished my post graduate degree, and am now a Nutritionist. Become a dog mum, worked 9-5, and run Stranded.

Albeit, Stranded has definitely taken a back seat this year amongst all the chaos. 

It has been hard to keep everything afloat, more so this year than previously.

So, stay tuned for our biggest sale of the year - Black Friday!

We are having up to 70% off.

Don't miss it.


Until next time,

Laura xx