Stranded Collection: Bio

Hi there, I'm Laura!

Most days you can find me out on a walk, snacking on food, working or just being at home. I love serving the world by talking (I can talk under water!) and helping others. The things I am most passionate about in life are nutrition (food!!), creating a change/ making an impact and just going for it, whatever that may look like for you!

I design/create activewear for women who are looking for a brand that moves with them and the environment. They want to make an impact, but see it all as a bit too much. I inspire women who desire to lead more active lives and help them take that positive eco-friendly footstep towards change!

When I'm not busy working on Stranded Collection you can catch me renovating our house, walking along the beach (we live right next to the water!) or in a cafe. 

Still here? Let's connect! You can find me on

Instagram @lauraaandrew or shoot me an email: or Facebook @stranded.collection.activewear 

 Talk soon! xx

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