Do YOU feel like this too?

Creativity doesn't always have an 'on' switch. 

I'd find that some days I had heaps of content ideas, future plans, designs etc. and other days I cant't think of anything! Sometimes those creative juices just don't work AND that's totally normal. 

In my experience, taking the time out to really focus 100% on the task at hand always works, and when I am the most productive. Make a list, tick things off, have goals and set deadlines for when you want/need things done by AND stick to it! From the beginning to now, I have learnt so much, all the ins and outs and if you don't show up that day then nothing gets done, because it's on you. Having an idea is one thing, actually knowing what the hell to do with it is another!

I started with research, PLENTY of research. I looked into everything I could think of. Listened to podcasts, read up online, educated myself, because you can have a really great product but that doesn't matter if you don't know how to market it and connect it with your clients. Legit, it took me months to research the different types of activewear, fabrics, materials, etc. I needed to work out what was important to the brand I was creating and go from there. After a lot of corresponding, checking samples/materials, I made my first decision: it needed to be ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE.

This decision is one of the best I've made so far and really speaks volumes to the core of Stranded. Going forward I needed to make sure I was covering all bases with my eco-friendly footprint considering packaging, labels, business cards, etc. Again more research!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes details coming your way soon. 

Keep researching my friend,

Laura xx


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