5 tips on money best spent

Got an idea but not sure where best to put your money?

Here are some of my top tips that i've learnt along the way and can hopefully help YOU too! 

Tip #1: Is to try and do as much as you can by yourself. BUT if you're clearly not as creative as you thought you were, try and ask people you know or students to do it. Remember, nothing is ever set in concrete you can always change your mind later, for example you can change your logo, your website design/layout, your Instagram photos, etc don't feel locked in because you aren't. 

Tip #2: I would try my luck at any free self education you can get your hands on, for example; free email/blog/sales templates that have been tried and tested before you. Again, you can always opt for a custom one later down the track but there is no need to begin with paying for one (you'll have enough other expenses to pay for!).

Tip #3: Try and opt for a free email list provider. There's plenty out there and some even come with your website! Again, this is something you can change once you have more cash flow, but isn't necessary to be paying for at the start.

Tip #4: Try and get used equipment/props if you can. For example I borrowed a friends professional camera and it has been a lifesaver.

Tip #5: Try and shoot in free locations; the beach, running tracks, parks, a friends aesthetically pleasing house, where ever it is do it! 

I hope these tips have/will help you and remember they can also be changed later on when cash flow isn't as tight!

Stranded Collection xx

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